We incorporated measurable learning into a client-supported omnichannel program in order to gain meaningful HCP-level outcomes data on changes in knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes that resulted from a medical education program.

Strategic Approach

We designed and built a custom nonaccredited educational website to host digital content aligned with the client’s strategic medical objectives. By taking a modularized content approach, we created educational materials with consistent messaging while diversifying the format and level of information to accommodate different user learning styles, preferences, and educational backgrounds.


Instructional Design

All content hosted on the website was developed to align with one of the core Learning Objectives for the program and was optimized to the target audience (MD/DO or NP/PA). Each content piece was hosted within a learning module that included a pre-test and a post-test. Users were also encouraged to complete quarterly surveys to provide additional learning outcome metrics. Responses to these Learning Assessments were captured on an individual level to track the evolution in each learner’s knowledge, attitudes, confidence, and intent to change practice over the course of the educational program.


Omnichannel Campaign

We executed an omnichannel campaign to the target audiences, leveraging Psych Congress Network, Psych Congress events, the Psych Congress email database, and targeted ad campaigns on nonendemic websites and social media. The campaign was optimized regularly to drive education module completions and engagement with all content across the Learning Objectives.



Audience Overview

We successful engaged a geographically diverse audience comprised of the target specialties and practitioner types to visit the website, engage with content, and complete the learning assessments, accumulating a reach of more than 114,000 total learners.



Content Metrics

Through meta-tagging of content pieces to Learning Objective, Format, and Audience, we were able to observe and report trends about content engagement and the knowledge that users acquired, informing future educational strategies on these topics and for these audiences.


Learning Outcomes

Results from the learning assessment administered throughout the program demonstrated a sizeable improvement in audience knowledge of all intended Learning Objectives. The client gained valuable insights regarding relative knowledge of the different objectives as well as differences in learning between the MD/DO audience and the NP/PA audience that participated in the program.



Program Results

Outcomes validated the effectiveness of an omnichannel medical education program with modularized content formats to engage clinicians and improve their knowledge of medical concepts.

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