We build clinician communities through omnichannel approaches to help our partners achieve extraordinary results

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Strategy and everything in between Execution

Built on four decades of experience and hundreds of world-renowned brands, HMP Collective represents the largest omnichannel healthcare media network in the world, enabling us to create, aggregate, and analyze behavioral data of healthcare professionals across our proprietary communication channels. We partner with our clients to design custom omnichannel programs that leverage these communities to engage customers, deliver exceptional value, and advance their medical communications strategy. 

Engaged audiences

We're dedicated to nurturing and strengthening clinician communities across various specialties, with a verified audience of over 1.4 million healthcare providers, creating 6.5 million points of proprietary first-party behavioral data.

Our Reach:

  • 500k+ NPIs 
  • 600k+ other healthcare professionals
  • 100+ license types
  • 600+ medical specialties.

KOL relationships

We’ve built strategic partnerships with globally recognized trailblazers and difference-makers through education, information, and networking.

Trusted brands

We build trusted omnichannel brands that healthcare professionals know and trust for their medical education. Leveraging our first-party proprietary behavioral data, we design and orchestrate targeted learning journeys that meet customers where they are to optimize engagement and value. 


End-to-end strategic support

We specialize in creating relevant and engaging scientific messaging and materials and developing targeted strategies to reach relevant customers. Our team comprises industry experts passionate about delivering innovative omnichannel education that empowers clinicians to improve health outcomes for their partners.

We leverage our business to support our partners through an omnichannel approach.

16+ publications

40+ digital channels

35+ social channels

100+ annual programs & events

Our Partners

What we’re hearing

The partnership between AbbVie and HMP Collective over the last four years has been truly outstanding. In addition to helping us develop our annual digital medical strategic plan, they have experienced leaders in place to be agile and revise the plan to meet our program's evolving goals.  Overall, it is important to partner with an organization with the therapeutic area knowledge, innovative mindset, and ability to execute tactics promptly.

AbbVie Medical Affairs

We have worked in various capacities with the HMP Collective team for several years. In 2023 we collaborated on a prolific project that was more or less a 'first' for both parties. Through teamwork and relying on each team's specific expertise we were able to engineer and launch a very successful project in the psychiatry space. It's been a real partnership, and a pleasure working together to build custom and meaningful content.

SPLAT Consulting, LLC

The HMP Collective team is incredibly easy to collaborate with. When we unexpectedly had to shift the parameters for our event, they swiftly adapted to ensure our priorities were met. They exhibited strong attention to detail in identifying KOLs, managing logistics, and developing content materials, resulting in an exceptionally executed program. Their flexibility in accommodating our needs demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction.